CAD Design Software

State of the art CAD design software enables us to further service any of your jewelry needs. This eliminates the problem of not having that perfect ring in stock. Now with a little help from the customer we can create almost any piece of jewelry imaginable. 

Laser Welder

Laser welding technology allows us to do repairs that most jewelry stores would be afraid to touch. We can control metal flow and jewelry temperatures far better with the laser than with the standard torch. This better protects your jewelry during the repair process. 

Gravograph IS400
Electronic Engraver

To fill all of your engraving needs we have the Gravograph IS400 engraver which allows us to engrave on flat or curved surfaces. We engrave Trophies, Plaques and even your Company Logo. 

Signature Engraver

With the signature engraver we can do all the engraving we also do with the Gravograph, but the Signature Engraver adds the capability to engrave crystal as well. This engraver specializes in engraving on glass.